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Raiding and searching the house of the Martyr Alloun, arresting his father and uncle and refusing to give the Martyr’s body to his family
  The 19-year old Fadi Samir Mustafa Alloun passed away on Sunday early morning after he was shot by the Israeli police in the area of Al-Musrara across from Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. The Marty’s family denied the occupation authorities’ claims that Fadi carried out a stabbing attack against a settler and explained that the […]
A dangerous precedent and escalation: Raiding Al-Aqsa Mosque and evacuating it from the Marabouts and arresting two of them
In a dangerous precedent and a new escalation at Al-Aqsa Mosque, the occupation Special Forces raided on Saturday night the Mosque and evacuated all Marabouts who attempted to stay and sleep inside Al-Aqsa in response to calls by Jewish extremist groups to increase break-ins to the Mosque on Sunday in memory of the spirit of […]
In pictures: Raiding the building of Al-Zeer family in Silwan
The occupation Special Forces raided on Saturday afternoon the building of Al-Zeer family in the neighborhood of Abasyeh in Silwan. Khaled Al-Zeer added that the forces brutally raided the houses and pointed their guns towards the children who suffered a high state of fear. He also pointed out that the forces assaulted the family members […]
Video: A child from Silwan narrates the details of being arrested and assaulted
The 16-year old Ali Khalil Abbasi narrated the detail of being assaulted along with his family member after the occupation forces raided his houses in the neighborhood of Bi’er Ayoub in Silwan on Thursday early morning.
Esawyeh: The child Rani Tamimi injured with burns after he was targeted with a sound grenade
The occupation forces targeted on Friday night the 8-year old Rani Naeem Tamimi with a sound grenade concurrently with the closure of the entrance of the village of Esawyeh and imposing a complete siege for more than three hours. Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Silwan was informed that the occupation forces targeted the child with a sound […]
Video: The occupation turns the village of Esawyeh into a military camp…and uses live ammunition
Dozens of citizens were injured on Friday night with live ammunition, rubber bullets and suffocated due to tear gas during clashes that broke up in the village. The follow-up committee in the village said that the occupation forces raided the village on Friday night in a provocative way and sprayed wastewater towards the residential houses, […]
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