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In pictures: the Musta’ribeen assault the detainee children from Ras Al-Amoud
Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Musta’ribeen (undercover unit) assaulted three children from the
Arresting three Jerusalemites from Ras Al-Amoud
Hundreds of Palestinians performed the Friday prayer in the streets of Jerusalem after the occupation
Arrests, extension of arrest and isolations from Al-Aqsa
The Israeli Magistrate court judge extended on Thursday the arrest of four Jerusalemites and released two others with conditions.
Arresting seven Jerusalemite citizens
The Israeli forces arrested on Wednesday seven Jerusalemites from the city of Jerusalem.
Isolating six Jerusalemites from Al-Aqsa for various durations between two weeks and six months
The Israeli authorities decided on Monday to isolate six Jerusalemites from Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings for periods that varied between two
The Prisons’ administration released two young men from Silwan
The administration of Beer Sheva prison released 30-year old Mohammad Abdullah Aweis after serving his prison sentence.
Extending the arrest of twelve Jerusalemites and releasing a young man
The Magistrate court judge extended on Sunday the arrest of ten Jerusalemites until next Wednesday and released another.
Releasing a woman on condition of isolating her from Al-Aqsa…and continuing the seige on Al-Aqsa
The Israeli police released Sameeha Shahin on Sunday night with a 2000-NIS bail and on condition of isolating her from Al-Aqsa Mosque for two weeks.
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