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Sur Baher: A decision to close and confiscate the houses of four Jerusalemite prisoners
The Commander of Internal Front in the occupation’s army issued decisions to close and confiscate the house of four Jerusalemite prisoners under the pretext of killing a settler last September after throwing stones at his vehicle. The prisoners are: 18-year old Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf, 17-year old Mohammad Jihad Tawil, 19-year old Walid Firas Atrash […]
Esawyeh…Raids, arrests and assaults
The occupation forces raided on Wednesday early morning the village of Esawyeh and established a “monitoring point” at its main entrance; forces were deployed in the streets of the village. Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village, explained that the occupation forces raided the village and stormed into several residential houses in […]
Silwan: The occupation forces arrest two young men…Throwing Molotov Cocktails towards a settlers’ bus
The occupation forces arrested on Thursday night two young men from Silwan while Molotov Cocktails were thrown towards a settlers’ bus in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the forces arrested 25-year old Sami Ghazali from the neighborhood of Al-Shayah in Silwan and 23-year old Ali Abbasi. […]
Jerusalem: The Martyrdom of three Palestinians
Three Palestinian young men passed away last Wednesday after being shot in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem after carrying out a “stabbing and shooting” attack against a group of borders control individuals. The occupation police said in a statement that a stabbing and shooting attack was carried out by three young men who […]
Life sentence for one of the killers of Martyr Abu Khdeir and 21 years in prison for the other killer
The Israeli court commission in Jerusalem sentenced on Thursday two of the killers of Mohammad Hussein Abu Khdeir who was kidnapped and burned alive in July 2014. The family’s lawyer, Mohannad Jbara, explained that the District Court’s judges sentenced on Thursday two of the killers (second and third suspects) where one of them received a […]
On charges of “participating in a stabbing attack”…the occupation transfers the child Mohammad Hoshyeh to a closed institute
The occupation authorities recently transferred the 11-year old Mohammad Ismaeel Hoshyeh to an internal institute in the city of Akko. Mohammad’s mother explained that the occupation forces arrested her son last Sunday morning and interrogated him at Al-Qishleh police center in the Old City of Jerusalem. He was then transferred to Al-Maskobyeh in West Jerusalem […]
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