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Ibrahim Aoudeh released, brother Mohammed remains behind bars
Thursday, March 10, 2011 | 17:44
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

A celebration was staged in Silwan in honour of 22-year old Ibrahim Aoudeh, released from Israeli detention today, after he was incarcerated on charges of participating in clashes in Silwan. Aoudeh’s release has been eagerly awaited after 10 months behind bars.

Aoudeh arrived today at the southern entrance to Silwan, where he was met by a jubilant throng of friends and family, with a procession continuing through the village to the Al-Bustan protest tent. There, fireworks were launched and speeches held in condemnation of Israel’s attempts to silence Palestinian protest. Those gathered pledged to remain steadfast in their resistence to the settler colonisation of the village.

Ibrahim’s brother Mohammed Aoudeh remains in jail. Their father Musa Aoudeh is a member of the Al-Bustan Popular Committee and their brother the 10 year old Muslim Aoudeh of recent targeting by Israeli forces.


Muslim Aoudeh, Brother

Ein el-Luza street

Protest tent in el-Bustan district of Silwan

Ibrahim and father Musa Aoudeh


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