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The Municipality of Jerusalem is preparing to remove the Palestinian houses to build a Biblical garden in Silwan.
Saturday, May 5, 2012 | 15:04
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

 The municipality of Jerusalem set a dead line to remove a big part of the Palestinian houses in the Bustan area so they can build a Biblical garden that will be an extension to the Dahud settlement, the dead line for demolishing 29 Palestinian houses is the next September, the date holds political motives, it is near the Israeli election era, it is a perfect time for the Israeli right parties to compete against each others on who will hurt the Palestinian existence more, especially in Jerusalem and the historical Palestine in general.It’s been 20 years (today) since the attempting of the settlers to establish a settlement in the Wadi Hilweh era in Silwan, Wadi Hilwe is formed by 205 housing units over 30 Acres, and still the El’ad settlement’s organization is trying to lead the settlements project in Silwan and the Aterat Cohanim organization is leading it in the specific area of Batten al Hawa in Silwan.Within the Israeli hostility towards the Palestinian existence, a plan was revealed, the strategy is to work on the mixed cities such as Akka, Yafa Ramleh and Lyd and turn them into Jewish cities. The plans already became actions, in Lyd for example; a separation wall was built between the Jews and the Arab areas, and a move that disconnected the Arab areas from Israel’s services, also in the South, Israel removed the legal status from the Naqab villages after it existed there since the Ottoman laws and the British Mandate, nowadays it became an unrecognized village and disconnected from the basic services such as drinking water and electricity.

  Bustan  on the right, Wadi hilweh left , both are threatened to be

      demolished by the settlers and the municipality of Jerusalem

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