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Solidarity marches with the hunger strike prisoners
Saturday, May 5, 2012 | 15:48
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

A lot of marches and sit-ins happened in Jerusalem in different parts of the city, the Friday’s prayer and speech happened in front of the building of the Red Cross in  Sheikh Jarrah area, a solidarity tent was sit up in the area as well.
The Silwan solidarity tent leaders asked the people to pray in front of the Red Cross and they asked them to spread the word as well, it was important to have a crowded tent so the world knows what is happening with the hunger strike, it is the 18th day in the strike, and some prisoners haven’t ate for more than two months and still nobody treated their requests, they are demanding to end the isolated cells, and to stop the so called detention administrative.  The March started from Bab al Amoud (Damascus Gate )  and continues to Sheikh Jarrah area that is threatened to be taken by Settler’s organizations, and the march stopped in front of the Red Cross’s building.
Same day confrontations happened in Qalandia, North of Jerusalem, after the Israeli forces blocked the peaceful solidarity march with the hunger strike prisoners.

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