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Detention of three Silwan youth extended, details of case withheld by court
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 | 14:24
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

The detention of three youth from Silwan was extended by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court until 3 June this week, with prosecutors’ request for more time to investigate charges against them granted. Muhannad al-Kawasmi (18), Ahmad Basboos (20) and Alaa’ al-Kaimery (20) will be held in Maskubya Prison in West Jerusalem for another week in response to the prosecution’s request for a further 10 days.

The boys’ lawyer, Muhammad Ramzi Mahmood, is known for his work in the protection of children in the state legal system with Damir organization. He states that the judge ordered a ban on publication of the boys’ charges.

Al-Kaimery, al-Kawasmi and Basboos were taken by Israeli forces during a dawn raid on their family homes. A fourth boy, Mansur Shyukhi was taken from his workplace in Silwan. Al-Kawasmi suffers from medical problems after losing his eye in clashes that took place in Silwan in 2010.

Muhannad al-Kawasmi has experienced Israeli arrest

    multiple times, and lost his eye in clashes in his

          neighborhood two years ago

Ahmad Basboos

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