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A new settlements’ project in Silwan
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 | 01:30
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

The brigade committee of planning and building confirmed  yesterday 6th of Nov. on a new center of Tourism and a new antiseptic for the religious Jews in Silwan in the Ein area (Eim al Daraj).
Ela’ad’s organization applied for that request while being supported by the Antiquities and Park authorities and sponsored by the Israeli government and the municipality of Jerusalem، the Palestinians knows the formality of these meetings, they are only ways to execute what is already agreed on against the Palestinian locals.
The scheme is to build a building over a land space of 200 Meters that will be a ring That will connect 2 buildings that were taken over by the settlers in the past, and to build a path between Ein Silwan (The Foka Ein) and the antiseptic rooms according to the Jewish, it will be a new location of tourism and a new spot of  observing and explorations.
The taking of Eim al Daraj area in Silwan was at 1995 and they closed it as an excuse of Archeology excavations and developing the area, something that didn’t benefit the locals of Silwan, and prevented them to access the fountain that was the main water source for the locals and especially for  cultivation And a place that the children can Enjoy and now it is blocked as a result of the new project that Is giving an exclusive access only the Jewish people and the tourists.

They changed the landmarks of the town and the historical story of Ein Silwan to make it fit the sacredness of the Israeli story while forcing new facts.
One of Silwan’s elders commented :” God wouldn’t accept any holly ceremonies over a stolen land or stolen water”

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