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Court extends detention of young residents of Silwan
Saturday, June 30, 2012 | 00:58
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

The detention periods of several young residents of Silwan and Wadi al-Joz were extended by an Israeli court yesterday. Kayed al-Rajabi (34) of Baten al-Hawa) and Nael Abu Siriye (27) of Thawri were arrested on 12 June but remain in detention without charge, with their next court appearance scheduled for 26 June. Muhammad and Muhannad al-Kawasmi, Shareef al-Rajabi (17), Alaa al-Kaimari of Silwan and Ahmad Basbous of Wadi al-Joz will remain in detention until at least 27 June.

The boys’ lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud of Al-Damir legal organization says that while state prosecution has publicized the charges it intends to press, the process has yet to go forward in the Central Court.
The detention of Tarek al-Rajabi, Muhammad al-Ja’ba, Abed al-Rahman Ka’kur and Muhammad Basbous was also extended by the Central Court judiciary, and were due to face trial on 24 June alongside Muhammad Abu Sanad and Maswade.

The number of arrested Palestinian youth in Silwan and the surrounding region is on the rise, with many residents noticing an increase in Israeli forces patrolling the streets at night.


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