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The distanced people off the Aqsa prays near his gates
Thursday, August 9, 2012 | 14:42
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

The people that were distanced from the Aqsa for “Security reasons”

spends their Fridays and the Ramadan prayers outside of its doors to state their right to be and pray in it.

7 young men from the old city of Jerusalem were raised on the Aqsa yards and today they are prevented from reaching and praying in it, according to the 1945th British emergency law put on them by the general of the Israeli army in the area as an excuse of; “Protecting the security and the sake of the people and the order”

The young men are; Hamza Zg’ir, he was distanced for the last 2.5 years.

Misbah Abu Sbeh, for the last 2 years

Fadi al Ja’ba, one year

Jamil Abasi and Ahmad al Jalad from the beginning of Ramadan 2012.

The young men stated that they are staying around the gates to assure their right to pray in it, as they were ruled to keep a 20 meters distance from it, so they picked a corner near

The Lions gate to pray in it, They pray every Friday of Ramadan, and after dinner.

They expressed their feelings by saying how hard it is to see thousands going in to the Aqsa in Ramadan while they, the citizens of Jerusalem aren’t allowed to step in.

Hamza Zg’ir, Haitham al Ja’ba, and Misbah Abu Sbeh were released at 11.7.12 after spending 5 months in prison, they were ruled by the military not to inter the Aqsa for 6 months, Even though it was ruled on 8.3.12while they were in prison and this rule ends in 7.9.12

They were released after the negotiations between their lawyers and the prosecute and they agreed to change the charges from “An illegal organization- The Aqsa youth” to “Participating in activities in East Jerusalem”

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