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Muhammad Abu Tayeh was presented to the judge of the Magistrate court
Thursday, November 8, 2012 | 23:30
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —
The Israeli magistrate court extended on Thursday the arrest of the 31 years old Muhammad Tawfik Abu Tayeh until Friday ignoring his health conditions
The prosecution accused Abu Tayeh in throwing stones and fireworks during the confrontations that happened in Silwan last evening, and attacking the undercover unit and the cops and destroying their operation
Abu Tayeh rejected these accusations saying he was on his way to the hospital at the moment
The scars were so clear on Abu Tayeh, a lot of swelling on his face and different scars as well, the undercover unit arrested him while he was in Ein al Lawze area
Eye witnesses told the Information Center of Wadi Hilwe that the unit and the police attacked Abu Tayeh while he was walking to the hospital and started beating him in his face and head with their hands and feet, he fell to the ground and fainted and the soldier took him to the police car
According to the prisoner Abu Tayeh, the police started beating him from 8pm until 10pm in the Wadi al Rababe area, then he was investigated from 11pm till 2am, then was transferred to Hadasa Ein Karem’s hospital to be treated, he was transferred from there at 8am to the court and stayed their 7 hours until his trial started, he was still with his hospital uniform
The confrontations in Silwan started after the Israeli forces attacked the gathering that was welcoming the released prisoner Muhamad Abd Odeh using live ammo and robber bullets towards the gathering
Abu Tayeh have 2 kids, Tawfik (3) and Teem (1.5)

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