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Children’s time in detention is extended despite their ill health
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | 23:34
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

The Israeli Magistrates court have extended the detention of 17-year old Malek Mhesen until Monday so that they can continue investigations. The judge ruled that Ammar Adel Mhesen could be transferred to house arrest if bail money is paid. The prosecution have appealed against the ruling.


Malek was presented to the judge in a closed, classified hearing. Neither his parents nor his lawyer was allowed into the court room. He was seen with bruises and other injuries to his face.


Malek was arrested yesterday at Shoufat camp by the Israeli forces. He was arrested and beaten. He was received injuries to his head, mouth, nose and eyes. He was immediately transferred to hospital.


Ammar was arrested whilst in Hadasa Ein Karem hospital. He was attacked and received injuries to his head, eye, ear and chest before fainting.


The judge transferred Ammar to 5 days house arrest for 1000NIS (£160/$250) bail, as well as guaranteeing another 2000NIS bail, despite the prosecution appealing his ‘release’ claiming he attacked soldiers.

The boy’s father said ‘The Israeli authorities uses cruel and racist methods in their investigations and refuse to give suspect medical treatment.’

The father said that when he left the hospital the boys were being treated. He was denied access to the boys. The family were assured that the boys would be allowed to stay in hospital until they completed the necessary treatment. However, the boys were transferred to the court the next morning.


Mhesen’s father has vowed to bring a law suit against the special forces who injured his son whilst he was in hospital.

His father said that when he left the hospital his son and Malek were being treated and he wasn’t allowed to check on them, they assured him that they will stay there until the end of the treatment , he was surprised to find out the next morning that they were transferred to court, he assured that he will press a law suit against the special forces that attacked his son in the hospital without any reason
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