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The Israeli forces arrested the brother and sister Muhammad and Dina Jweles after they were attack by a settler
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 | 07:59
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

The Israeli police arrested on Monday the 14 years old child Dina Murad Jweles and her 12 years old brother Muha‪mad after they were attacked by an Israeli settler from Wadi Hilwe’s area in Silwan while they were on their way to their school

The Information Center of Wadi Hilwe ‪- Silwan said that an Israeli settler attacked them on Monday while they were in their way to school in one of Wadi Hilwe‪’s alleys ‪, he sprayed them in gas and it lead in to a physical confrontation

The father of the children told the Information Center ‪”Dina and Muhammad tried to defend their selves‪, my daughter had a kitchen knife in her bag she pulled it in front of the settler to keep her settler away from her brother  and her‪, the guard of the settlement ‪”City of David‪” arrested them and called the police accusing them that they tried to stab an Israeli settler‪, the guards started yelling at them and scare them‪, when the neighbors told me what happened I rushed to Wadi Hilwe and saw a police car arresting them, they were transferred to al Kishle center in the Old City , they were investigated from 7‪:30 am until 1pm‪, they released Dina after we bailed her out in 3000 NIS and under the condition of staying away from Wadi Hilwe‪’s street for 10 days‪, she will have a trial to deal with the accusation of holding a knife‪, and Muhammad was released after signing a bail of 3000 NIS

The Information Center clears that the Israeli settler attacked the brother and sister on Friday noon as well while they were playing in one of Wadi Hilwe‪’s alleys‪, he tried to spray them with gas missed them and sprayed his own face‪, he beat them with a stick he had and put his finger in Muhammad‪’s eye and injured him

The Israeli settler is 14 years old

Wadi Hilwe explains the oppression of Silwan‪’s locals from the settlers and their guards‪, they keep attacking their children and spray them with gas‪, beat them in the streets‪, curse them‪, even a few were hit by their cars‪, and it‪ always ends the same way, no charges are pressed against them because there aren’t enough evidences, in many cases the Palestinian who press the charges against the settler gets assaulted‪, these incidents happens more especially during the Jewish holidays‪.

Most of the children‪’s settlers carries gas sprayers‪, ca‪meras and they walk in the streets while guarded by armed guards


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