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The Israeli police prevents a demonstration in front of the American Consul and the Prisoner‪’s Club assures it will happen
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 | 08:03
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —


The secretary of the Prisoner‪’s movement inside of Palestine ‪(Al Rabita‪) Ayman al Jaj Yihya said that the police called him oday to inform him that the planners demonstration on Tuesday in front of the American Consul in Jerusalem is not legal

The police didn‪’t explain why it is not legal even though the Rabita is already in the middle of the legal process

The movement already invited on Tuesday (19.3.13) at 4pm the people for the demonstration , it is happening at the same time of Obama’s visit so the voice of the prisoners’ will be heard, especially the prisoners of the 48 and the striking ones

The Rabita invited the Palestinians from all over the places and parties to participate , the head of the Prisoner’s club Nasser Kaws assures that the demonstration will happen  by saying “The prisoners’ club isn’t waiting for any permits from the `Israeli police, we have the rights to fight for the prisoners”



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