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At the same time of Obama‪’s visit‪: Establishing the area of ‪”Ahfad Yunnes‪” East of Jerusalem
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 | 02:09
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Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

Dozens of Palestinian and foreign activists established on Wednesday the area of Ahfad Yunnes East Jerusalem‪, in front of Ma‪’ale Adomim‪’s settlement

The activists set 15 tents in the area and called it Yunnis‪’s Grandsons‪, clearing that this area is one of Bab al Sham‪’s areas that was demolished at the beginning of this month after establishing it for 2 days‪, it was established on at the lands of the Ezariye village ‪, these lands are under the threat to be confiscated for the settlement project by the name of E1

The activists added that they did it at the same time of Obama‪’s visit to the area to protest against the American policy that have a huge part in the Israeli settlements and occupations that keeps using  illegal methods and militant occupation

The activists said in their statement‪: ‪”It is not right to use the Veto right 43 times since 1972 and 2011 for the sake of Israeli and against the rights of the Palestinian and give Israeli more than 3 billion dollars every year to support their militant army so they can be a positive factor in justice for the Palestinian rights‪” they strengthen the right of the Palestinian resistance as one of the legit rights for the Palestinians

The activists said that building the tents is to assure the right of the Palestinian people to return to their houses and lands that they were transferred from‪, and its right to be the owner of these lands‪ without any permits from any ones, especially to defend Jerusalem from the ethnical clinsinem

Ahfad Yunnis is established on al Ezariye‪’s lands‪, East Jerusalem part of Area E1 ‪, an area that the occupation announced that they will build 4000 settlement units between Ma‪’ale Adomim that is established on the West Bank area and between Jerusalem‪, it is 13 Acres‪, it belongs to al Essawiye‪, Ezariye‪, AL Toor‪, Anata and Abu Dees

The locals of Ahfad Yunnis invited the Palestinians to join them and participate in it‪, as well to visit it to strengthen it‪, saying it can be reached through the Ezariye village

They told Wadi Hilwe‪’s Information Center that they chose the name Ahfad Yunnes according to the main character in the novel ‪”Bab al Shams‪” by the Lebanesse author Elias Khoury‪, and not Yunnis‪’s grandson are here to defend their land‪, the new generation of Palestine will not forget their history and their right to live free in their lands

أحفاد يونس 3

احفاد يونس

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