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Sentencing a boy from Jerusalem‪ in prison for 1 year and extending the arrest of other 2 and releasing other 5
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 | 02:17
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

The Main court of Jerusalem sentenced on Tuesday the 17 years old Amer Zidani for 12 months

His lawyer Muhammad Mahmood told the Wadi Hilwe Information Center that he was accused in throwing molotov cocktails at a settlement in Silwan

The Information Center sys that the Israeli forces arrested Zidani at the beginning of March 2013 and he was investigated violently to get him admit‪, he was presented a few times to the Israeli courts

As well the court extended the arrest of of Mousa Odeh until 18‪/4‪/13‪, he was arrested in 27‪.1‪.13

The Lawyer Muhammad Mahmood added that the court extended the arrest of Omar Abu Sebestian until the next Thursday to press charges against him‪, he is accused of throwing stones in the Aqsa mosque ‪, as well extended the arrest of Salah al A‪’war Roweidat until next Sunday accusing him in throwing stones in Ras al Amoud

The lawyer said that the court released Haron Abu Madi and his brother Amir‪, Bilal al Julani and his brother Mustafa under the bail of 500 NIS each

As well they released Yazan Siyam under the bail of 1500 NIS and 14 days of house arrest‪, he was arrested on the last Thursday after him‪ and his family were assaulted by the forces and he was accused in attacking a settler

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