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Ras el-Amoud residents non-violently protest Mayor Barakat’s appearance
Monday, November 1, 2010 | 16:53
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barakat attended the opening of the Ras el-Amoud school for girls today, amidst spirited protest from residents. Silwan locals greeted the mayor with protest signs and chants in opposition to what is widely regarded as flatly discriminatory policies in East Jerusalem.

“Nir Barakat’s discrimination is clear. He ensures that social services are provided only to the Jewish Israelis living in this city, allocating only 2% of these services to Palestinian residents,” stated one demonstrator. “This school project was not started by Barakat – it was in development well before he even became mayor.”

The Jerusalem Municipality, of which Nir Barakat is head, continues its bureaucratic policies of Judaization in Silwan, such as its current campaign to remove the Palestinian protest tent in el-Bustan neighborhood. The Municipality is currently pursuing the attainment of an Israeli court order to demolish the protest tent, located on private property belonging to el-Bustan resident Naim Rwidy. In the process, Municipality officials are attempting to add the adjoining Rwidy family home to the demolition order.

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