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Silwan youth blinded by Israeli tear gas, say medics
Monday, November 8, 2010 | 22:50
Ahmad el-Jobeh, 20
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —

Medical officials have confirmed that Ahmad el-Jobeh, 20, of el-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan lost his eyesight as a result of the tear gas emplyed in vast quantities by Israeli forces during the clashes that took place following the death of Samer Sarhan.

El-Jobeh had been suffering from an extreme sensitivity in his eyes since the clashes, prior to the diagnosis. El-Jobeh states that he was caught in the clashes while returning to his home in el-Bustan, saying that “I did not take up a stone that day – I have a heart problem, and had screamed at the Israeli soldiers to stop. They didn’t care. They approached me and sprayed pepper spray directly in my eyes, and beat me on my back and limbs.”
El-Jobeh was transferred to hospital after the attack, where he remained for three weeks of treatment. He has lost his job as a result of his condition, and now faces the prospect of expensive eye surgery to restore his sight.

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