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3 May, 2015
Ahmad Melhem, Al Monitor

Settlements threaten Palestine’s historic sites RAMALLAH, West Bank — Settlers from the Leshem settlement in the northern West Bank took over the archaeological village of Deir Samaan on April 12. The... read more →

1 May, 2015
Daniel K. Eisenbud, Jerusalem Post

During a Thursday morning press tour of a contested tunnel being excavated under the Temple Mount, Yonathan Mizrachi stopped to explain why his archeological NGO submitted a petition to the... read more →

27 April, 2015
Ylenia Gostoli,

A view of the ancient synagogue, which was later turned into a mosque, from the road leading to Khirbet SusiyaPhotos The Palestinian village of Susiya Archaeology of a dispossession Susiya is a small... read more →

13 April, 2015
Nir Hasson, Haaretz

Archaeologists ask court to bar rightist NGO from Old City tunnel. The right-wing NGO Elad is managing and using a tunnel dug illegally under the Davidson Archaeological Park near the Western... read more →

29 March, 2015
Chaim Levinson, Haaretz

Residents of Sussia granted temporary injunction against demolition in 2014, but state wants to move them to nearby Yatta. The state has asked the High Court of Justice for permission to... read more →

23 March, 2015
Jon Stone, The Independent

Isareli settlers are colonising Palestinian territory under the guise of moving in to areas to protect historic archaeological sites, the British government has said. Ministers say they are concerned that the... read more →

13 March, 2015
Nir Hasson, Haaretz

Conflict of interest mars the proceedings; opponents hope the next government will block the plan. The National Planning and Building Council has postponed a decision on whether to set up a... read more →

5 March, 2015
Haaretz, Haaretz

Move comes despite Israeli tourist office's claim that 'the brochure made clear a distinction between Israel and the Occupied Territories,' according to British group. The British Advertising Standards Authority has banned... read more →


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